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Healing Embodied Oppression on The Embodied Way Podcast with Stephana Serafina

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Embodying Social Justice on Chitheads Podcast by Embodied Philosophy

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The Embodiment of Moral Courage at the Harvard Business School Symposium on Gender + Work April, 2019

Understanding Embodied Microaggressions

With Melissa Fritchle of the Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Therapy Certification Program

Embodying Social Justice

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Remembering the Role of the Body in Culture, Trauma, and Everyday Dynamics

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Researching the Embodied Experience of Oppression

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The Poetic Body (with Laurie Rappaport)

Somatic Perspectives Conversation Series

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Embodying a Research Mind (with Christine Caldwell)

United States Association of Body Psychotherapy Conversations Series

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Queering the Body

The Mystery of Embodiment Tele-summit

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